Tonight's Insomnia is Weirder Than My Dreams

A friend is in  the hospital and we have her car in case we need to pick her up. I had a cup of coffee at 7, so this is less insomnia than sleep-sabotage. Nonetheless. It's 2 o'clock in the morning and I've tried my usual tricks: pill, food, reading, fantasizing. Nothing's worked. So I came downstairs to be on the internet, even though my research of insomnia prevention includes not looking at digital screens. I'm smoking, too, which of course isn't helpful. But none of this is my point.
I Googled insomnia, and the first page listed all the tricks I've been told and have researched since I'm a bit of an expert on this subject. Except this one:

Insomnia Tip #41

Green Cows—and Other Animals of Color

"Actually, I feel a little silly passing this along since I'm up right now with, well, insomnia. But, a technique I've generally had good success with is to visualize animals in the wrong colors. For example, blue cat, green cow, red elephant, and so on. After coming up with a color/animal combination I try to actually visualize it and then I move on to the next one. Coming up with the combinations and then trying to picture the animal seems to keep my mind occupied and distracted from whatever stressful thoughts were keeping me awake and it gets boring enough that I can generally fall asleep pretty quickly. I've shared this with two coworkers with insomnia and they've reported that it helped them as well."
I thought this too weird not to share, and of course I had to do an image search for "animals of the wrong color" and I found a pink cat. Totally adorable:

This was found on a nice pet side wherein the question was raised, " Is it okay to dye your pet."
Um. The interwebz have become too weird.


sally said…
I'm so glad we're related. You're too cool!

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