This kitchen makes me want a baby. Plus the hanging apperati look lovely and cheap. And I think there's a pully thing going on over the stove for easy access to cooking stuffs. And this pic also makes me want to hang herbs. Gorgeous all around, copywrighted and provided by David Giles Photography, whose interiors shots capture life being lived, explaining to me why I now covet what my precocious mind found so mundane...domesticity.

I am totally getting this kind of whatever it is thing with holes in it and painting it red, pink, or green. Then I'm going to put "S" hooks to hang my shiznit. I can't believe I know what s-hooks are. I can't believe I'm so excited about decorating my kitchen. This is also courtesy of Apartment Therapy.
I love the color here, love the flowing pattern, its movement, its liveliness. And I think it would make a wonderful kitchen wall decor. Kinda like collage and mosaic work you can put on your wall. Plus, plus...inexpensive. Found this on the loverly Apartment Therapy site.
Found on the lovely SF Girl By Bay blog, this pic is actually my desktop image. The bright pinks and reds make my eyes dilate with dopamine happy pleasure brain chemical love. I think Ima take some color inspiration for my own kitchen (chicken in my kitchen, two-bedroom chicken, I mean kitchen...anybody get the film reference? Girl, Interrupted.) Word.


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