I Can Haz Cheezburger Roundup (For Gramma Jeanne)

Talking to my Gramma Jeanne on the phone recently, she told me she loves to read my blog! I asked her how she found out about it, and she said it just appeared on her computer one day. For a moment, I was thinking I might have some inappropriate material on here, then I realized that I probably could do very little to surprise the woman who raised 4 boys, most notably, my father. Wait a minute, I take that back, most notably, ALL OF THEM. So, Gramma, I'm so glad you read this! In your honor, in honor of those beautiful gold life-size cat figurines that stood half my hight in your beautiful, wide-open Oklahoma living rooms and filled the little girl me with such tactile deep wonder and pleasure, in honor of our mutual adoration of kittehs, and in honor of Friday, I present my I Can Haz Cheezburger Roundup. Love, kisses, and hugs, hugs, hugs, Ama.


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