I Used to Beat that Block Now I Be's the Block

Partner Let Me Upgrade U

Uh Huh Ha HA
Uh Huh Ha HA

I Heard U Be the Block
But I'm the Light that Keeps the Streets On
Heard U the Type that Like to Keep 'Em on a Leash Tho
I Walk Alone/But I'm Alone for a Reason
Sendin' Me a Drink Ain't Appeasin' Believe Me

Come Harder
This Won't Be Easy
Don't Doubt Yourself
Trust Me, You Need Me...


I am a little white girl with a jam. I can't get enough of Beyonce, and damnit if I don't sound silly when I try to sing those words, but lord, let me tell you I FEEL 'em.

The other hit I'm loving is Regina Spektor's "That Time."

Hey Remember that Time I Found a Human Tooth/
Down on Delancey?
Hey Remember that Time We Decided to Kiss Anywhere
Except the Mouth?
Hey Remember that Time When My Favorite Colors Was Pink & Green?
Hey Remember that Month When I Only at Boxes of Tangerines -- So Sweet & Juicy!

(I must commend Team Candler-Osborn on the most excellent mix. Thank You!)

My heart is like a song today. I am more open from the inside out, enjoying the freedom that comes with letting go and feeling the bigness of the world around you. I am so glad to be free of poisonous obsessions, so glad to be able to give myself to others in a more honest way.

So. Like Beyonce Say...I'm Upgraded, and I don't need no Cartier cufflinks or 6-star pimp suites to know it, though the latter would be nice. I'm gonna go take my wicked pretty dog for a walk around the lake now.

Peace, My Brother.
Peace, My Sister.
Peace, My Soul.


kelly rae said…
you are so silly and wonderful that you just make me laugh, laugh, laugh
Kat Candler said…
i've gotta give mad props to dj osborn for the delicious mix. i just put it in a package with a few sweets and sent it to my sweet thang!
myumblog said…
that's why are my dog, my homegirl...i love that song too! it's my jam at the gym...!!!!xo-maya

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