since when were you so generous and inarticulate?

i am missing my elvis costello music. all my records and casettes are perhaps still in georgia, long since gone, and cd's that are left skip in all the wrong places. i am trying to keep sadness from sinking in too deeply, so will probably go to sleep soon. at least i don't feel violent today. and, summer is late, moving into fall, dragging like a tired, milky-eyed old dog, and fall is far too far away, and i miss my dad. i want to watch some movies with him and listen to his languid commentary, read a bit by soft light, and drift to bed comforted and content. tender nostalgia overtakes me, summer nights always get me funny. that's all.


Stacy said…
Do you want to get together next week while I'm in JAX? I'd love to see you.
I have Elvis Costello with Burt Bacharach, and I have Letters to Juliette, as well as some older Costello.
p.s. cowgirl says hey
myumblog said…
nostalgia...i've got it bad right now (and that ain't good). Whatever you do, don't listen to The Shins and Sunny Day Real Estate like I did this morning...that will put anyone over the nostalgia edge. xo-m
matt said…
tell me which records you want/need and I will start downloading.
kelly rae said…
i'm with on this sadness wave right now, my friend. let's hope it passes soon.

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