Girl, We Gettin' a Makeover

I've had this meandering blog for years and years. And, to set the table with the overused business parlance pervading my office life: moving forward, I'm streamlining with efficiency, consistency, timeliness, and quality that I hope will get all y'all into stuff that make living fun, satisfying, inspiring, strange, beautiful, ugly, heartbreaking, dark, shiny and real.

Silver Sands of St. Augustine still stands, for the title represents my home, its beauty, and where I'm calling from.

So to wit, my formula will go like this:

  • Chin Up Ephemera {Monday Eclection}
  • Break it Down for Me Sucka {Tuesday Music}
  • Real Books for Life {Wednesday Lit}
  • A Room of One’s Own {Thursday Decor}
  • Seen and Not Heard--{Friday Visual Art}
  • I Like My Version Better--Original Prose{Saturday}
  • Poetry Doesn't Always Rhyme--Original Poems {Sunday)

I'm pretty into it. Hope you will be, too.


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