02 May 2011

Let Love Be at The End

On September 11, 2001, my heart did not know what to do. After the shock, in Ms. magazine, I found it, a poem, when the war started, when our country unified then ripped apart, when the United States felt the quake of violence and yes, terror, known so well to most other countries, this poem brought me some peace. I want to say the peace has come with the fall of a frightening man, but for me, my heart is still aswirl in a sea of unrest. I know nothing but these words by Lucille Clifton, but I don't feel uplifted. This is just a wish.


let there be new flowering
in the fields let the fields
turn mellow for the men
let the men keep tender
through the time let the time
be wrested from the war
let the war be won
let love be
at the end

{images by niko from visualmerc}

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