Eating Horse. Eating Cow. Eating Chicken. Eating Pig. Eating Turkey. Eating Crow.

Well, a lot of people around me who are meat-eaters are seriously disturbed about the horse meat situation. How is eating a horse any worse than eating a factory farmed creature? It's not. It's only familiarity. We wouldn't eat a cat or a dog or a horse because we've learned to live with these creatures as companions. We find it repellent and upsetting. I am heartened that this upset has set some people questioning what they eat and why. Factory farms are cruel. And recent. And responsible for about 98% of the harmful methane gas destroying our ozone layer. I believe we should eat what our bodies require. But to gain your sustenance from the insufferable suffering of another animal? That's why I don't eat meat. So. Let's see. Why should horses and cats and dogs be immune when we feast upon everything else?

"All Creatures Great and Small
Both Man and Bird and Beast
Our Lord, Thy God, He Made
And Loveth All."


Anonymous said…
Great article. And just watch, since the government approved the consumption of horse meat, hundreds of horse-processing plants will sprout like wild fire and fill their innards with genetically mutated horses. Wal-Mart will start selling "horlogna," an even cheaper version of bologna.
Ama Livia said…
It's so sad. We'd rather turn our eyes away. Thanks for reading and for not sending hate mail. ;)

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