An Exercise in Forgiveness

Streets of New York by Justin Lee

On September 11, let’s gather for a big forgiveness exercise. Let’s forgive all of the characters and their underlings in our history who we know as haters of humanity. Let us forgive Lucifer and his crew that we may be released from the dark lie that has confused and enslaved all humanity.

Let’s gather in our hearts for 11 minutes of focused intention at 11:11 AM and at 11:11 PM on this day wherever you are. Take a few minutes to get comfortable, prepare yourself to be part of a big beautiful demonstration in FORGIVENESS. For the sake of LOVE!

Feel free to share this opportunity as your heart leads. Let's gather our friends and family to participate in an exercise of FORGIVENESS that encompasses the whole history of humanity and all of the vast array of personalities, forces, and purposes involved.

Visit An Exercise in Forgiveness to join.



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