But It Won't Last Forever

Will we ever be whole again? Will we be all right? The weather was grey, grey, grey all day, and rainy, but the leaves of the trees were green, birds sang, water sluiced off tiny blades of green, green grass. Ides of March two days ago. Saint Patrick's Day today. Today, I miss my Irish grandmothers. No one loved St. Paddy's Day more than they. Except maybe my oldest brother. Anyway. Blues have hit on this green day, and it doesn't feel like Spring. It's another one of those in-between times. One of those times when everything feels wrong. But I've finally learned that the black clouds will pass. After the rain.


drollgirl said…
i hope you are feeling better soon. the blues are so tough to deal with, but thankfully they pass. hopefully QUICKLY.
thank you so much, drollgirl. i am feeling better! and your blog always helps lift me up. : )

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