Apples Like the Evening Sky

This is a photo my dad sent to me taken during my little brother's long, long life-changing drive from Tucson, Arizona to our home town of good old, St. Augustine, Florida. All roads, don't they, dear brother, lead back to home? {From left, my dear brother Prajna (the bigga guy), my dear dad (though he says his hair looks like the original daffy duck), and my second-to-baby baby brother, Austin, all in Austin, Texas, plus pink flamingos in the Texas yard. So happy to see them together. Such love in Dad's eyes, such pleasure in the eyes of his boys, their dad's arms wrapped around them in love.

To wit, a fitting quote by John Cheever, the author born on this day, who once wrote:

"The world that was not mine yesterday now lies spread out at my feet, a splendor. I seem, in the middle of the night, to have returned to the world of apples, the orchards of Heaven. Perhaps I should take my problems to a shrink, or perhaps I should enjoy the apples that I have, streaked with color like the evening sky."

Love, in my humble human estimation, is the finale, it is the birth, it is the sweet apple. It is stronger than death. It is stronger than anything, anything, any single thing at all. And ain't we lucky to have a taste of it?


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