Erin Go Bragh

Means "Ireland Forever," and when I hear these words, I hear my mother's mother, my Grandma Gerry's voice, see her smiling Irish blue eyes, and miss her.
I see green. Sea green. And I think of my Grandpa PJ. I hear his voice, too, barreling deeply through his sprawling, welcoming home. I feel his love wrapped around me, me his little girl now grown. I think of the words, "Himself," hear my Grandma Jeanne's voice speaking it aloud, and I miss them both, though Grandma Jeannie's still here. I miss them together. Miss that warmth of togetherness. The security of their love for each other, for their kids, and their kids' kids, and what they made together with their love. And I see green, see green again, see rolling hills of green green grass going on and on forever kind of like the fields of rye in that book we all know, that strange fantasy of just being, that sense of eternity in repetitive motion, endless space.

And all in green
all in green
my love
my love went riding.
All in green.
My love.
All in green.

This one goes out to the grands.
xoxo Ama

image: pishpot gala collette
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