Spanish Omelet + Vicky Cristina Barcelona

What a lovely Sunday afternoon I had. My friend Debbie, who lived in Spain for many years, made us a divine thing: The Spanish Omlet. Consisting of potatoes and yellow onions softened to smooth, velvet heaven whilst slow-fried in a pan of olive oil , mixed with whipped eggs and fine sea salt and baked into seraphic proportions of deliciousness. Absolute heaven. What made this dish even more sublime? Watching Woody Allen's latest, Vicky Cristina Barcelona. A wonderful, funny, touching, and stunningly gorgeous romantic comedy starring Javier Bardem (swoon), Penelope Cruz (amazing), Rebecca Hall (the character Woody Allen would play if he were a beautiful young woman), and Scarlett Johansson. (He's really redeemed himself from the slow torture that was Cassandra's Dream.) I am seriously considering getting a passport and moving to Barcelona to teach English (+ have torrid affairs with insanely charming Spanish men). Seriously. (Omelette Pic via Flickr. Recipe via Spain Recipes. Images via the Vicky Cristina Barcelona official site.)


karen said…
Do it, do it!! That would be a great excuse for me to visit.

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