I'm a Fan {Eating is an Art, Like Everything Else (I Do It Exceptionally Well)}

I read a lot. I read good books. Good writing. Which means I'm not often surprised by a book, not all that much anyway. So, I am happy to report, that while my news is late, Julie & Julia by Julie Powell surprised me endlessly, joyfully, sweetly, delightedly, and completely. Though I heard all the buzz when the book came out, I failed to get to it until last night. Ms. Powell is as much a joy to read as Ruth Reichl and David Sedaris, two writers whose works and lives are feasts of humor and hunger all by themselves. But put the two together? Out of this world. Julie & Julia will soon be a movie. Check out the video below:

Julie Powell still blogs (the book was born out of her "Julie/Julia Project, " blogging about conquering all 500-and-some-odd recipes in the wonderful Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking), and she has a new book forthcoming, titled Cleave. I am late to the Julie party, but I am most certainly a boisterous guest. Who won't leave). Go. Get. It. Now. xoxo Ama


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