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{This idea, from Kate @ Design*Sponge, is so genius. The below text & above images are all courtesy of the lovely and talented Design*Sponge blog.
I love crafty people!}

What You’ll Need:
1.) fabrics (choose light to medium weight cotton fabrics)
2.) fabric stiffener (i found this at the craft store)
3.) paint brush
4.) rubber gloves (optional, but highly recommended)
5.) containers for molds (i used a tupperware box and a loaf pan)
6.) scissors
7. ) saran wrap

1.) Cut a square of fabric big enough to cover your container. make it bigger than you want the box to be in the end so you can cut the edges clean.

2.) Wrap your container tightly with saran wrap and place it upside down on a working surface.

3.) Put on your rubber gloves and pour some fabric stiffener onto the fabric swatch. Work it around in your hands so the fabric is completely coated with the stiffener on both sides. Squeeze off any extra stiffener, but make sure the swatch is completely saturated.

4.) Lay your swatch down over the mold and smooth down. Add some extra stiffener with the brush on the outside and fold the fabric around the corners like you are wrapping a present.
Brush on another thin layer of stiffener and smooth out any wrinkles, and check to see that the folds are flattened and that they stay put.

6.) Let dry overnight. when the fabric is completely dry, you will be able to easily pull it off the mold.7. Cut the edges of the fabric so you have a clean, even edge.

8.) If you feel the box is still a little wobbly, you can put it back on the mold and coat the entire box with another layer of stiffener and let it dry overnight again. The middle weight fabrics will feel sturdier than lighter weight fabrics.


Note: These trays are great for organizing loose objects and for carrying lightweight objects. They are not strong enough to carry heavier materials, and are not recommended for serving trays or for transporting around heavy things.


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