25 Random Things

Tagged by the great Kitty Kat, these are very random, tmi elements of my personality:

1.) I've never had a driver's license. I've driven cars. I'v hit fences with cars. I've been screamed at by my own sweet mother while trying to drive. But I've never made it to the DMV for a driving test. I want to drive, but it's obviously become a huge issue at this point. HUGE.

2.) I love the sound of my own voice. I will read aloud whenever possible. Even to my cat.

3.) I love the shit out of cats. I talk to them in the street. And they talk back.

4.) I played a Timucuan Indian in Florida's official state play, Cross & Sword at the St. Augustine Ampitheater, while I was 13 and 14. I wore a pantyhose bikini, a long black wig, a moss skirt, and Texas dirt. I sang in Timucuan a song I can still recite...Iti i tini qua nu mona/arabo ne he me itihu..."

5.) I also played Mary Warren in The Crucible when I was 16. After that community theater production, I quit the game while I was ahead.

6.) Following puberty, I wore a bikini on the beach or anywhere else (besides onstage) only once. A black and white-striped bikini. Tim Toman, my pubescent nemesis (he had no idea), made all kinds of fun of me (I had a perfectly proportioned, thin, and appropriately developed 13-year-old body), and I've been wary of swimming attire ever since, I believe. What hell is junior high, I tell you.

7.) I will not write or call you back, for the most part, and I never mean for it to hurt anyone's feelings or anything. I've got this reactive paralysis. I am getting better at answering the phone. But e-mails, ooh lordy. Those are hard.

8.) I would happily bear Elvis Costello's children.

9.) I sometimes pretend I'm in a movie. It makes the surreal elements of my life more bearable.

10.) Ama means love. My middle name Livia, came from Finnegan's Wake by James Joyce. Literary hippie parents!

11.) I am INSANE for candy.

12.) I'm very impulsive.

13.) I've been told I'm hard to talk to.

14.) I sigh all the time.

15.) I have a crush on Barack Obama.

16.) I have a terrible temper.

17.) I'm not as innocent as I look and would like to have you believe.

18.) I used to steal the local museum/church donations around my historical hometown. Plus I'm a reformed shoplifter in general.

19.) I'm pretty good at karaoke.

20.) I know all the lyrics!

21.) I inherited a mouthful of bad teeth.

22.) I bust out my elevated vocab when trying to get what I want with customer service peeps.

23.) I hold grudges for a long time. Another issue.

24.) I know my correct bra size. It's crazy.

25.) I could sleep all day long if you'd let me.

I now tag Dana!


karen said…
Whoever said that you're hard to talk to has their own issues to deal with. Ha! You're one of my FAVORITE people to talk to.
The rest sounds pretty much on the nose.
kelly rae said…
i'm with karen. and i love your voice, too :)
and all of these things that make our dear ama, ama.

ps-oh how i STILL listen to ida and adore those tunes and lyrics. my oh my.

and you DO call and write back but NEVER answer the phone (me neither).

dana said…
Ooh snap. Tagging a girl fresh off the baby train is lowww.

I do not think you are hard to talk to AT ALL. Not sure if I want to see that temper. Love the one about the customer service scenario. I loved the way you DID answer the phone when I was about to pop for those two months or so!

I love you, AMA!

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