Happy Thanksgiving

When I was in fourth grade, I played a little girl named Thankful in our class play. I'll play her today, too. Gratitude makes a big difference. And sometimes you must, must, must practice it in all the ways you know how before your heart gets so heavy you begin to sink. Life is so full of wonder. And its fleetingness makes it precious. I am grateful to be awake, to laugh, to be aware, to enjoy deliciously rich brownies, the warmth of squash-pear soup, the gunmetal delerium of jasmine tea, the tangy snap of pomegranate seeds, the laughter among friends and family, the sweet warmth of another breathing animal at your side, that above all else, and in spite of everything else, and perhaps because of all the pain folded in, means nothing else but LOVE.


karen said…
I am thankful for you, darling! So happy that I got to spend a few precious hours visiting with you, at least, during the holidays. Would have loved to have spent days.
ama said…
i know. i was so sad when i said goodbye. :(

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