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I think this item would be cost-effective for the 1 in 100,000 who are addicted to mineral water, such as myself. It's a soda charger! Too bad the economy's in the dumps. New Penguin Sparkling Water Maker
Adding effervescence to holiday festivities, this eco-friendly soda charger quickly transforms ordinary tap water into fresh sparkling water. Enjoy it on its own or as the base for cocktails or homemade sodas. It’s fun and easy to use: Simply fill the reusable glass carafe with water, insert it into the Penguin and press the carbonating “beak.” You can customize carbonation so each batch has just the right amount of fizz. Freshly charged seltzer water is a green alternative to its store-bought counterparts. Conserving energy and resources, it eliminates the need for plastic bottles – along with the environmental impacts associated with shipping and shopping for bottled water – and no batteries or electricity are required. It’s made in Israel, a leading innovator in carbonation technology. Included are two dishwasher-safe 20-oz. glass carafes with fizz-preserving stoppers and two refillable CO2 cartridges (each carbonates up to 60 carafes). When depleted, the carbonator cartridges can be easily returned to Soda-Club USA for refilling. We regret that this item cannot be shipped outside the contiguous 48 states. 18" high.
Refillable Cartridges
These refillable cartridges supply the gas that, under pressure, operates our Penguin Water Carbonator. Made of aluminum, the threaded cartridges are filled with pure beverage-grade carbon dioxide gas. They are manufactured according to strict safety guidelines. each cartridge carbonates up to 60 carafes. Set of two.


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