{What Technolgy Can Do for You}

Gmail Offers Drunk E-Mail Protection
{Courtesy of The World's Most Reliable News Source, The Onion.}

Gmail now provides an optional series of questions to make sure users are relatively sober before sending an e-mail. What do you think?

Nina Iyer, Systems Analyst
''Great, now I have to waste a bunch of time migrating my entire ex-girlfriend address book over to Yahoo! mail."

Charlie Pitt, Forklift Operator
"Listen, if I can fool my wife, my children, my boss, and everyone down at the county sheriff's office, I'm pretty sure I can fool Gmail."

Steve Herzog, Investment Banker
"Yeah, but those fuckmotherlers can't do nothin' about voice yelling at some dumb lying bitchisses who can fucking stick a cock in it, because I ain't payin' for that lost cue ball, it sank in the pocket and it never came out."


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