{All Things Bright + Beautiful}

I'm so excited about my friends in St. Augustine starting to sell their gorgeous items online. The bright and beautiful jewelry below is handmade with love by a girl who is all bright and all beautiful all the time. Her shop is Twisted Sisters, and she's listed under twistedsistersstaug username in Etsy. Peruse, if you will, the pretty. She's just getting started, so any and all support is way appreciated. Plus, customs are available. Love, love, love, and Happy Monday, Ama.

Cherry Everybody Wants ($25). Gorgeous orbs of tiger cherry quartz both pink and brown reflect light like balls of glass. Complements of sterling silver and tiger's eye round out this fabulous bracelet in falls perfect colors! A rounded pewter circle and bar hold it all in place.

My Orange Crush ($20). You won't be able to keep your hands off these super-smooth flat ovals of gorgeous carnelian, a fine semiprecious stone you'll love to show off or give as a gift. Colored in a fine deep orange, often patterned with flashes of white, this bracelet brings elegance to any outfit. Complemented by textured pewter discs, sterling silver beads, a pounded pewter circle and bar hold this bracelet all together.

All Things Bright + Beautiful ($20). Handmade of bright and beautiful flattened disks of turquoise, thick and detailed strips of sterling silver, and gorgeous smashed circles of red sponge coral, this fine splash of light is kept together with a beautiful , detailed circle and bar clasp of pewter.

Ocean, Returning ($50). Return to the ocean with this stunning turquoise, pitcher jasper, palm wood, and sterling silver necklace, handmade with love and beautifully complemented with a blue-green ceramic pendant. Matching turquoise, pitcher jasper, and sterling silver dangling earrings round out this gorgeously one-of-a-kind set.


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