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Thursday is For Dreaming of Good Plumbing
I am procrastinating. I am all revved up to do the work. But sometimes I get sidetracked into dream bathrooms and end up on the best place on the internet for decor dreamers who are unfortunately not do-ers of master remodels et al but have devoted hours of careful planning in my head and sharing on Pinterest and collaging into my little art journals.
On an upswing this early morning, and have been coming up with all kinds of brilliant ideas and plans and projects and stuff...organizing email, getting new extensions, software, and apps. Reorganizing furniture. Making systems for systems that already work.

My brain does have the information organized. That truly is what most of writing is. Gestation! Okay.
I am hyped up enough to share this lady's soothing and satisfying staring-into-meditative-space-moment-of-zen (whilst facing your monitor or talking client).
Time to stop typing and satisfy this stall tactic and get to the work.
I hope it fires your neurons and wakes up your brain and satisfied you on thid third day of Spring in the year of our tenuous lord, 2000andSeventeen.

Happy dreaming. xx


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