20 September 2013

Gratitude Again Again Again Again Again

Gratitude Photo Challenge Day 11: Something Old

My Great Aunt Martha's Cross, Dedicated 1938

Five New Things. Five. Five New Things.

  1. Cats ruling the Internet
  2. The amazing catharsis of laughing...every day
  3. The way I inherited pursing my lips into a kissy face when concentrating
  4. Building up aerobic stamina like a boss. Like a boss.
  5. Going back to work soon.

18 September 2013


Gratitude Photo Challenge Day 10: Nature.

A Florida sky.

Five New Things. Five.

  1. Getting swept up and carried away and transformed by a novel
  2. The depths my heart and soul has been reaching lately with the help of amazing people
  3. The wisdom of reaching out and asking for help and receiving lovingly provided options...choices
  4. Finding the gift of a heart and the phrase, "only love" come into my consciousness during meditation 
  5. My beautiful, mysterious, hilarious cat and her beautiful, annoying way of laying on the pages of my books

15 September 2013

Thank You Very Much.

Gratitude Photo Challenge Day Nine: Inspiring Person.

That would be the amazing Geraldine Kaler, my grandmother, who lived to be 103 and packed so much life and love and hilarity and strength into it all from beginning to end. To quote "To Sir With Love," she was the one who taught me, "right from wrong and weak from strong." My hero forever.

Thank You. Five Things. Five. Five Things.

  1. Sweaty yoga this morning
  2. A fridge fulla new groceries
  3. A nice hot yummy shower
  4. Luigi's blue raspberry Italian ice
  5. Choosing to look forward, never back

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