07 September 2013

Night Still Comes

Catch a catch a catch a fallin' star/But wash your hands of it/Catch a catch a catch a fallin' star/Because you can't own it. {Neko.}


Five Things I'm Grateful For Today.

  1. Listening to Claire de Lune in Cathedral Basillica
  2. Trusting the universe to release my fears
  3. Working out at a motherfucking gym
  4. Having a blue raspberry Icee
  5. Spending sweet time with beloved friends

Gratitude Photo Challenge: Smile

My baby brothers are all grown up. But I remember these boys as babies like it was yesterday. What smile is more pure than a kid with cake and ice cream?

06 September 2013

Gratitude Photo Challenge

Day One: Favorite Food


One of the best prayers. Day one of a daily list of five NEW things I am grateful for.

  1. My mother.
  2. My friend Tara.
  3. My new free gym membership.
  4. Learning life-changing new ways to behave.
  5. Spending last evening with inspiring women.

There. That was easy.

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