Turn It Up: All Your Favorite Bands Opened for These Guys.

"We Come Down from Cabbage Town"

Rockabilly Ghetto

Literary as hell. Wall of sound like Roy Orbison. A rabid following. Blow-your-head-off live shows. And a record a year during their magic time as reigning Atlanta best beloveds and on-the-radar to be the next big indie bad. Signed to Merge records. All those famous indie rockers you loved? The ones whose songs play out to you in the grocery store. These bands opened for the Rock*A*Teens. To wit, Death Cab for Cutie being the most well-known of all.

"If I Wanted to Be Famous, I'd Have Shot Someone"
Fallen Angels of the Dirty South
1994 to 2003. Drunken angels of the dirty south. A sound to knock you back on your drunken feet. Beer on the floors and in your face. And magic. Just magic. The lyrics, the rhymes, the melody, the harmony, the growl, the rift, the verses, the mournful howls. Man, I was lucky to be around for that Golden Time. Bands like this don't come around very often.
"And if I Could Love/The Way She Does..."
Forget all These Words. Close Your Eyes.
These years and those shows will always be magic. And the reunion call has yet to be answered. And maybe that's a good thing. Thinking about this is making me sad. Words don't do any of it justice. So why don't you just get schooled? Here's a promo clip. And a song from each album. Close your eyes and see the glimmer

The Band's First-ish Lineup

  • Justin Davis Hughes - guit - piano - org - bkgvox
  • William Joiner - bassguit - bkgvox
  • Ballard Lesemann - the drumset
  • Christopher Lopez - vox - guit - keybrd
  • Kelly Hogan - red guit - screaming
Video Tracks from All the Albums

Sew a Doll About (Mini-Doc)

Self-Titled—Return as a Bird + The Ram's Den

Cry—"Cry Baby"

Golden Time—"Black Metal Stars"

Baby, A Little Rain Must Fall—"Stranger Coming!"

Sweet Bird of Youth –"Car and Driver"

Too Much Information

Lots of personal friends know how infatuated I was with the lead singer, Chris Lopez. I was at every show. Stared and screamed and danced. We once went on  a date and ended up at a gay bar. I still think of him. The sweet and hilarious band. Their final show. New Year's Eve—where 2002 turned to 2003. And then they were gone, "On and On in the Golden Twilight," they linger on.


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