16 September 2009

Sweet Adelines

"I wish I hadn't thrown away my time/
On so much human/And so much less divine."
{Lou Reed, "Dime Store Mystery" New York}
Feeling lately, with so many loved ones not of this earth now, those deeper vibrations that come when watching an osprey soar high against the white of the clouds and the blue of the sky. Awareness settling in, acceptance of the unkown, of NOT KNOWING and BEING in it, simply in it, all of it. I guess these days my life feels longer, more rooted--my presence not necessarily substantive--but something has changed. Maybe in my soul, maybe in my more opened ears, my clearer thoughts, my moving forward, out of my own command. My body moving more toward a pattern of a more conscious life--treaded by repetition into a groove of healthfulness, an empty bowl filling with water, the water poured into growing things, the bowl empty again, awareness shimmering around its glass rim like the sweet adelines of a wine glass coaxed into song. { Image Via Be Whoever You Have to Be Tumbr}

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