09 April 2009

one more broken morning

one more broken morning and a spine whose tiny vertebrae seem to roll and fret like an early spring ocean. a dance is what's holding me up. nothing ever settled, nothing finished, nothing sold. a day begins. a day ends. words can come fast. words can come not at all. voices come along and fade, a roaring train shaking the windows in my head. blue sky gray sky blue. shining sun. cold wind. full moon. forward motion. falling. and beginning again. let's forget this dance; remember almodovar; remember neruda; remember wheat. let your hand unwrest. let it fall to music and melody and waves of sound, broken and shattered like fallen leaves flying upwards under the pressure of the tiniest foot. (image via we heart it)

08 April 2009

Suicide Aside {A Melody of World

suicide aside try watching birds regard them as they fly like salt to bread spice up this crusty world a giant spider web their lines of flight tie up and bind the world they fly birds jump up in the air and stay you try it flap your arms for all you're worth no way you're stuck they’re free to leave the world the colors lemon zest and lime and berry sugar coffee cream and all the rest sublime delicious flavors how our eyes drink in the world and listen to them sing the wind becomes a thing alive with music whistles squawks and chirps a melody of world so tell me why you thought you'd rather die check out pluck all the feathers close the lights alright don't tell me but please me stick around a while with me to watch the birds see how they swirl and turn the world
{Suicide Aside" by Bruce Dethlefsen, from Breather. © Fireweed Press, 2009.Image via ffffound.com}

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