12 December 2008

To Live Is So Startling

"...the problems of the human heart in conflict with itself...alone can make good writing...only that is worth writing about ---William Faulkner

"To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else."--Emily Dickinson
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08 December 2008

So What If I Like Pretty Things?

1. From my friend Kelly's friend Jen Lemen. 2. Absolutely beautiful stuff from Ana Maria Horner. 3. Prints and cards from the lovely Wren+Chickadee shop.

Like Madonna and the Dalai Lama

Words to Consider
(from Listening to Your Inner Voice by Douglas Bloch)

Do what you will with another person;
But never put them out of your heart.
--The Dalai Lama

Open Your Heart Again
One of the most moving examples of the opening of a hardened heart is the story of Scrooge in Dickens' A Christmas Carol. At an early age, Scrooge concluded that the world was a hard and cruel place. Making the accumulation of money his primary goal, he closed himself off from his fellow human beings. Although he attained worldly riches, he was spiritually desolate.

Then, on Christmas Eve, he was graced with the opportunity to make a new choice - to open his heart to life. His physical wealth began to have a purpose. After his conversion, he paid for the operation that healed Tiny Tim and contributed to numerous charities throughout London.

I tell this story because there is a Scrooge in every one of us. In some area of life, you and I have hardened our hearts. Perhaps it is a former lover whom we have not forgiven; or we are angry at a political group that opposes our point of view; or an early wound has left a trail of hurt and cynicism.

Whatever the person or circumstance, the solution is the same - open your heart again. If the old pain comes to the surface, relax and breathe into the hurt. As your heart softens and expands, a deep compassion will fill your being. Like Scrooge, you are being reborn to a new life. You are being redeemed by the healing power of love.

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