Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

When I was in fourth grade, I played a little girl named Thankful in our class play. I'll play her today, too. Gratitude makes a big difference. And sometimes you must, must, must practice it in all the ways you know how before your heart gets so heavy you begin to sink. Life is so full of wonder. And its fleetingness makes it precious. I am grateful to be awake, to laugh, to be aware, to enjoy deliciously rich brownies, the warmth of squash-pear soup, the gunmetal delerium of jasmine tea, the tangy snap of pomegranate seeds, the laughter among friends and family, the sweet warmth of another breathing animal at your side, that above all else, and in spite of everything else, and perhaps because of all the pain folded in, means nothing else but LOVE.

Monday, November 24, 2008

You Know What I'm Not a Fan Of?

And I Know I'm Totally Alone on This:

1.) Insomnia.

2.) Insurance Companies.

3.) Bouncing Checks.

4.) Filling Out Claim Forms.

5.) Inept Pharmacy Technicians.


7.) Pharmacy techs who don't call you.

8.) The Above Elements Combined (minus work and the bounced checks, those are just peripherally fact, I love work, because it gives me the insurance that lets me subsistively pay for my insomnia-busting medication and others that normally keep me from being bat-shit crazy...nevermind).

9.) Insomnia.

10.) Insomnia.

11.) Angelina Jolie (she's a hussy who thinks she's saving the world because she adopts a bunch of bebehs).

12.) Being crazy.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fun Stuff.

Blackbirds. by amalivia


I mean, really. It took me all day to open this computer and get some words down and in comes the ladee. I guess I'll have to just leave you some pics of me hard at work hacking the interwebs, one furry paw, one cup of tea, one weary minute at a time. My name is Natasha. Remember that. The world will soon be mine. Additionally, note that I spell perfectly, and have no problem agreeing subjects with verbs. Just sayin'.

I Don't Care. I Love Twilight.

The cast of Twilight: Robert Pattinson (Edward), Elizabeth Reaser (Esme), Kellan Lutz (Emmett), Peter Facinelli (Dr. Cullen), Nikki Reed (Rosalie), Kristen Stewart (Bella), Ashley Greene (Alice), Jackson Rathbone (Jasper), Cam Gigandet (James), Edi Gathegi (Laurent), Taylor Lautner (Jacob), Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria). Photograph by Peggy Sirota.

"For all Buffy’s efforts, vampires have been sinking their teeth ever deeper
into Generation W’s pop culture. To a spate of hugely profitable books and
HBO’s True Blood, add this month’s Twilight, a movie based on Stephenie
Meyer’s blockbuster saga, which has sold millions of copies in the U.S.
alone. As starlet Kristen Stewart plays the mortal innocent to Robert
Pattinson’s undead rebel, the author explores the buried messages of this
bloodsucking invasion." Read more of Wolcotts ruminations

I don't care if it's going to suck. I don't care what they say. Because I am a teenager again and am going to see this movie in theaters at least 5 times before it goes to DVD. Alas, I am suffering my own personal financial crisis and am actually too much of an old lady to suffer through opening weekend. Nonetheless, I love Edward. And the next 2 in the series (New Moon and Eclipse) are already staked out for production! Check out the brilliant James Wolcott and accompanying hype on the Vanity Fair site. You can even watch the kids in the film getting their picture taken. Then you can look at the pictures again. And read 20 interviews. It's a beautiful world, ain't it?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Couldn't Agree More

Check Salon's thinking-person's list to sexy. I definitely agree with their pick for Sexiest Living Man 2008. Some of the list, eh. I mean, really. But it's a better list than People's for shizzle.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All I'm Sayin', Pretty Baby...

Don't Mean Maybe.
The same can be said for the shop from whence these fine posters came, Sparkle Power!
Sparkle Power, I think I'll make you a mix tape. I know you like the Pixies, so that'll be a great starting point.

Distractions, Desires, Demands!

I think this item would be cost-effective for the 1 in 100,000 who are addicted to mineral water, such as myself. It's a soda charger! Too bad the economy's in the dumps. New Penguin Sparkling Water Maker
Adding effervescence to holiday festivities, this eco-friendly soda charger quickly transforms ordinary tap water into fresh sparkling water. Enjoy it on its own or as the base for cocktails or homemade sodas. It’s fun and easy to use: Simply fill the reusable glass carafe with water, insert it into the Penguin and press the carbonating “beak.” You can customize carbonation so each batch has just the right amount of fizz. Freshly charged seltzer water is a green alternative to its store-bought counterparts. Conserving energy and resources, it eliminates the need for plastic bottles – along with the environmental impacts associated with shipping and shopping for bottled water – and no batteries or electricity are required. It’s made in Israel, a leading innovator in carbonation technology. Included are two dishwasher-safe 20-oz. glass carafes with fizz-preserving stoppers and two refillable CO2 cartridges (each carbonates up to 60 carafes). When depleted, the carbonator cartridges can be easily returned to Soda-Club USA for refilling. We regret that this item cannot be shipped outside the contiguous 48 states. 18" high.
Refillable Cartridges
These refillable cartridges supply the gas that, under pressure, operates our Penguin Water Carbonator. Made of aluminum, the threaded cartridges are filled with pure beverage-grade carbon dioxide gas. They are manufactured according to strict safety guidelines. each cartridge carbonates up to 60 carafes. Set of two.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Change. Hope. Happiness.

Doesn't the morning just feel a little bit better now that we have a new president? Check out Obama's Change for America site! Picture from Men's Vogue. Really.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Levity for the Anxiety

Election Day, November


"I reject a politics that is based solely on racial identity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or victimhood generally. I think much of what ails the inner city involves a breakdown in culture that will not be cured by money alone, and that our values and spiritual life matter at least as much as our GDP." Barack OBama

All I know is:
I've always been poor.
There's always been lack,
and the black dog at my
back door. Grey skies today,
grey skies here in Florida,
wind whipping, small flurries
of rain, and, what did I say
before? It's simple. I've
always, always, always been
poor. So what do I have?
A voice, poems, blackberries,
love, a cat. Words. Friends.
A soul. Not much in the way
of money or things, but
pretty much everything else
I need is right here. My
parents gave me what? Almost
everything I need to get by
in a world of no opposition,
a world of interior, a world
where people close each others'
eyes and see exactly the same

But that is not the world
I live in, and I don't know if I'm
right, don't know how to tell whether
or not you're wrong. I don't want to
be a warrior for peace, don't want to
force anything down anyone's throat,
and I know, I know, I know, were my
first words, but I know I don't know
everything, know I don't know much, but
I know lack. I know people fear what they
don't know. I know fear makes people angry,
makes them act out in aggression. I know
people really care just a little bit more
about money than they do God.

And I know I placed my favorite vote
for the President of the United States ever.
I know I don't hate. I know I don't blame.
But what a darkness waves, waves up,
when I remember those towers falling,
when I remember the tanks rolling, the
bombs falling, the votes shaking, the levies
breaking, and no answers, no apologies, no love
anywhere, all love lost, and a misguided dry drunk
running it all.

I cast my vote. I voted for a world
not made perfect, but a world that might
have some apologies, some love, some
forgiveness, something more than lack.
Like I said, I've always, always,
always been poor. I know I don't want
to feel like that anymore. So. Here
we go. Changes always come, waves roll
up our way, waves roll back, rise to
staggering heights, and fall back down
again and crash and break violent
on the shore of sand and salt and grit.

Just today. Just this. Just this welling
up of something bigger than money,
bigger than old-time religion,
bigger than the fears our small souls
scream about. Forget about the pit of
snakes, forget about the falling backward
from impact of the first gun you ever fired.

Let out the ringing. Let out the light.
Bring back that long night. Bring back
the quiet Rumi song of work to be done,
the one where we're I am you and you are
me. Bring back Woody Guthrie, bring back
Emma Goldman, Martin Luther King, Bobby
Kennedy, Malcom X and JFK. Bring back
Robert Frost, T.S. Eliot, and Yeats.
Let's ask them to rewrite their best
works. Where nothing gold goes away,
the one where the mermaids finally answer
back, where we know no more lack,
where King's dream's a reality,

where the slave becomes a prince,
paupers are allowed in palaces,
and my old neighborhood drunks
on the corner raise a paper-bagged
beverage in the air, neighbors lean
out their windows and the whores
sing like angels at the joy of turning
leaves, the snap of snow on the wind,
and a black man, a black man, yes, a
black man, becoming the
President of the United States.


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