11 September 2008

No pain. Only love.

May each of our sufferings, all of our suffering, be transformed into joy, into love. This short post is made in loving memory of all who lost their lives, in loving sympathy to those who loved them, in loving compassion for all of us whose worlds were changed on this date, September 11, in 2001. "The Western world as we know it has shut down," my Dad said to me over the phone on this day. May we rise in Love, in Peace, in the shifting from sorrow into something sweet. {Paintings by Gerard Burns}.

10 September 2008

Keep Your Defenses Up. Keep Creating.

It was on this day in 1981 that Pablo Picasso's famous painting "Guernica" was returned to Spain to hang in the Prado Museum in Madrid. The painting depicts the suffering in the city of Guernica, the capitol of Basque Spain, after a German bombardment in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War. Picasso exhibited the painting in Paris, but then sent it to New York and refused to allow it to be shown in Spain until the rule of General Franco ended.

Pablo Picasso, who said: "Painting is not made to decorate apartments. It's an offensive and defensive weapon against the enemy."
(From the Writer's Almanac.)

09 September 2008

Who's Gonna Knock You Out? (Bama Said Knock You Out!)

My friend Zach forwarded this to me. However, I know not from whence it came. Seek ye, children, and I am sure ye shall find. I had a little reflection on Obama all written, but I lost it. Can you guys find that, too? Nonetheless, this button, well, it's the bomb. Gimme one!

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