27 August 2008


The woman who created the print above, Christine Mason Miller, is amazing. So is her art. Check out her Etsy shop.


... I cannot see
The love you offer.
--Emily Dickinson

How can we make love visible; how can we give it eyes? We can make love a present, wrap it carefully as if it were a beautiful thing. We can make love a favor nobody foresaw; we can fill a cup, prepare a meal, run an errand with our love. We can make love out of real words - in a letter, a note, a simple unrhymed poem. And we can make our love visible with our eyes by making our eyes meet those of the people we love.

When we turn a feeling like love into an act, we share it with those around us, and they are encouraged to return the favor, and in this way, the world's storehouse of love increases.

How can I show the love I feel today?

From Today's Gift: Daily Meditations for Families ©1985, 1991 by Hazelden Foundation.

26 August 2008

I Cutted My Hair Off

I cutted my hair. But I don't take good pictures. Nor do I have my own photographer. But looky! It's all gone! 13-inches all off, and given to Locks of Love. Also, check me and my peeps Karen, Mike, Kelly, CB, Mai-Lee, and a lovely girl I do not recall. This is a circa 1993 photo, and my hair was that length when I cutted it off. Hair. Oh, the humanity.

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