20 June 2007

Happy Birthday Kelly Rae

I love a list. Inspired by many, here's a top 10 list I've got on Kelly, who's birthday it is today. Happy Birthday, Kelly!

10. How beautiful she makes the spaces she lives in. Blue walls, framed posters (even in college), gorgeously arranged furniture and decor. She's been letting her artist-self out in fits and starts for years, and I'm so glad she's full-time on it, now. The world is a better place for it.

9. The fact that she says, "Can I just say..." to begin a sentence. Whether it's about the color of her shoe laces or her favorite new song, she begins with "Can I just say that I LOVE brown shoe laces? They are the best thing ever. Seriously." She brings enthusiasm and wonder to the seemingly smallest details of life, thus imbuing everything around her with the same.

8. She's charmed. And she also says, "catnapped." Her kitty Pumpkin Pie was "catnapped!" but Kelly found her a few days later, hanging out in the catnapper's yard.

7. Kelly always tells people how much she loves them, and makes a conscious effort to keep in touch. She sends packages and letters in the actual mail!

6. Kelly and I once hopped in the car and drove to Atlanta from Tallahassee on a total whim, listening to Pavement's "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain" the whole 12-hour round trip.

5. Kelly rapidly flutters her eyelashes when she's angry.

4. She's the funniest person who completely never intends to be funny. Or does she?

3. She's an incredible inspiration. The vibrancy of her work coupled with the deep, spiritual inner drive has been amazing to watch. Her transformation from practicality to the risk of her heart's dream has been deeply moving to watch this year.

2. She wore red shoes at her wedding.

1. She laughs like this: "HA!" For real.

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