16 April 2007

Good Night, Mr. Rosewater

He was a good person to have on this earth, my mother said. Because he saw things with a different reality. Trappings in amber, railings for kindness, and religions and societies of numerously lyrical and beautiful and hilarious creation, Vonnegut made you feel a little bit safer. Just knowing there was someone around to name wars as children's crusades, to proffer greetings to babies, to chainsmoke, and write stories like trains of imagination and beauty...it made you feel a little bit better about being alive. So, goodnight, Mr. Vonnegut. I think you liked it here a bit, after all, no matter what your requiem says. Thank you for flies trapped in amber. Thank you for saying hello to us when we got here. And thank you for giving us your imagination and light and funny, funny, funny mind.

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