25 January 2007

All of Them, All of Them

All Lined Up...

I have wanted for little since I moved back home. There is no lack. And the living is most certainly easy. I am awake. I see the sun going purple and orange and blue and grey in the sky, silhouetting a naturescape of palm trees, century-old buildings, and Florida's intracoastal highway. I see my doggie Tala's enduringly, relentlessly kind, hopeful, and longing eyes. I see my 101-year-old grandmother, with the spirit of a child, eating chocolates in her rocking chair. I laugh so much, and am beginning to enjoy that my life has become longer, to enjoy the advantage of experience and perspective, the beauty of it, the wonder of it. As Carmella Soprano once said, "Our very existence on this earth is a puzzle."

I'm getting deeper in my soul, awakened by an ever-burgeoning sense of awareness. It's awesome. I even love lotsa pop songs again, like I did when I was a kid, before pretensions rose their ailing heads and separated my mind from my soul a little bit. It's fun getting back to it.


  • I am longing to become a regular smoker of those new Camel No. 9's, made especially for the lady's discering palette.
  • I've become a diet coke addict. I love the efferfescent sweetness it brings to your being as it settles on ice. I love it in a can.
  • Altoids now makes these delicious dark-chocolate-covered peppermints, which really help clear up your breath. Chocolate, purportedly, dissolves offensive mouth odors better than mint. So, we see the possibilities of that here.
  • I want Mark Osborn to begin making monthly mix CDs to keep me on the scene.
  • Band of Horses is playing St. Augustine in March.
  • I'm going to see Yo La Tengo and Sun Ra Arkestra February 2.
  • Tomorrow is Friday.
  • Hillary Clinton's running for President!

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