31 May 2006

Oh, Sylvia, I Was Dancin' to Michael Jackson

Oh, Sylvia, when I heard your German accent.

I can't get Jens Lekman out of my head. He is a wacky Swede with with wonderful lyrics and big band croon. My house smells like Swiffer cleanliness, and hmmm...I am in desire of a lot of things, but content, too. Feeling good, in a bit of a blue-orange reprieve from cravings, and the weather is beautiful today, just this side of rain. Helped my dad get his book proposal out to NYC, and am pleased with that. I hope it becomes a movie and a video game. Who wouldn't want to see a movie about the religious right? The video game would be violent, and there would be lots of hairspray. Time for a meeting.

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