16 March 2006

Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste

And how shall I begin? This here is me and Kelly. She's wearing her overalls (of course) and my shirt. I'm wearing her boyfriend's shirt. I think the cigarettes in the pocket made me feel cool. I wasn't so big of a smoker. We're in the courtyard at FSU, waiting for a band currently in cult if not iconic status at the moment. Kelly and I had freckle moments, and nose moments, and dancing and singing, but most importantly, our moments were then and are now, important, honest, heart-felt moments. I've always adored Kelly's honesty and openness and warmth. I remember her coming to visit mine and Karen and Kat's house when she was a freshman at this big college and she told me how small she felt. Her tenderness is undeniable in everything she does.

Okay, this is Cadra Diane Culley's dorm room. I think her roomie took this photo. The oldest person in this photo is 19 years old. We felt free and full of possibility. I love everyone in this photo. And I keep thinking of this lovely quote, though a dorm photo could never reveal it -- look at the sweet, small faces. "To be alive is ecstacy, but to be young is very heaven."

Sub-Pop. Grunge. Note the black. Note the caps. Never (at the time) thought my youth would be too dated, but here the world goes. FSU Union Steps 1992.
The Year Punk Broke.

History, you learn as your life grows longer, is so essential and comforting. Let's remember youth, now, and spring.

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