29 November 2005

letters via gainesville to st. augustine, fla circa 1965 (mama y abuela)


Dear Mother,
I'm sending a schedule of performances that perhaps if you desire to just run down, you can choose a day when you can see Earnest (the desire of being). I've made reservations for you and Liz (Ama's aunt) for the weekend of the 20th.

Thank you for everything over the weekend, I am somewhat recovered from my case of nerves. We had a clambake Sunday night -- a birthday party for Mary and a fellow in the company. It has been very stormy here all day, just lately there've been waves in the bay which are breaking in the lawn.

CB (errant boyfriend at the time!) has made reservations for Fred and Joy on the 6th and the 20th? Is that right?

I haven't seen a paper lately -- I feel very anxious about it, I 'm going to get one as soon as possible -- so I hope things haven't been too bad for St. Augustine.

Much Love,

(Not sure what invoked anxiety en Mama, perhaps Civil Rights demos, but I'm not sure. Actually, it was just reviews of the play. My parents fell in love here -- at Asolo Theater, among Polly Holiday and many other notable actors of yesterday and today).

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